Thursday, November 25, 2021

More food from So Good Char Chan Tang at Capitol Piazza

So Good Char Chan Tang, luo han guo milk tea

These were from a couple of visits at the So Good at City Hall. The dark drink on the left was luo han guo (罗汉果) tea. Also known as monk fruit. I thought it was pretty good flavour but I've been spoilt by an old experience at the defunct Bon Bon Cafe in Hong Kong that very little if any could match that.

So Good Char Chan Tang, char siew

I've been curious about their char siew for a while. It's not so much like the local variety in flavour and doesn't have the caramelized shell on the exterior that is favoured by many. Myself included. The meat was tender without the crust but also much sweeter than I remember of many char siew experiences in Hong Kong. There seemed to be something like fermented bean flavour. Not bad tasting but also usually not my preferred style.

So Good Char Chan Tang, curry beef brisket

Beef brisket passed muster as these dishes go. Their curry has a different taste from the one at Tsui Wah. Briskets weren't as fall apart fatty as I was hoping for. For some reasons, we never get those quality of briskets here. Loved the chunks of tendon in the curry. 

So Good Char Chan Tang, fish head rice

This was braised fish head rice which I had ordered out of curiosity. In my head, I was imagining a whole fish's head but it was merely chopped up pieces. While the fish looked chunky like 鱼鸡, they weren't. Most of it were bones. There were also a few strips of braised pork belly in there. Didn't taste bad but I don't think I'll be getting this again because there was little meat from the fish and I didn't think much of their oyster sauce gravy. 

So Good Char Chan Tang, corned beef egg sandwich

Corned beef and egg sandwich was good. Seemed better than the last time we had it.

So Good Char Chan Tang, condense milk bun

Prefer Tsui Wah's condense milk buns over this because those tasted more buttery and "juicy", not to mention also with a lighter crisp. This one wasn't bad but the buns were dry-ish and crustier.

So Good Char Chan Tang, Capitol Piazza

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