Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Re-visiting So Good Char Chan Tang

So Good Char Chan Tang, baked tomato pork chop rice

We've noticed a number of people ordering their tomato baked pork chop rice so we decided to get one to understand for ourselves. While I'm usually not so big on tomato based sauces, I think I kinda liked this because I was shovelling spoonful after another in my face. That sauce wasn't overly tangy and had a creaminess that wasn't overwhelming. Unexpectedly moreish.

The rice beneath was a lightweight egg fried rice. Pork chop underneath the tomato was okay-ish. This is normally not my kind of dish but I don't think I would mind eating it again.

So Good Char Chan Tang, pig trotter noodles

Pork trotter noodles weren't that impressive. Noodles had a nice texture but also a more obvious alkali flavour this time round. While those pork trotters were tender, they were also pretty bony. They were also served cold. 

So Good Char Chan Tang, corned beef egg sandwich

Not a bad corned beef and egg sandwich. Would be nicer if the corned beef were more well distributed though.

So Good Char Chan Tang, steamed milk

There's steamed milk under desserts. Wasn't very milky. Portion was tiny and the standards weren't anywhere close to even chains in Hong Kong like Yee Shun Milk Company. Now that we're comparing, Honeymoon Dessert makes much better steamed milk as well. So did Ji De Chi.

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