Thursday, July 15, 2021

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, Pasir Panjang Road

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, Pasir Panjang Road

So is the restaurant Uncle Ho (#01-04 Old Behn Meyer Building, 100 Pasir Panjang Rd, tel : +65 9624 5761) or Uncle Ho's? If you didn't know, this is a Vietnamese eatery with chefs from Vietnam if what I had read were true. We came over to their main restaurant because the menu at Republic Plaza doesn't have everything.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, summer rolls

We had gỏi cuốn/summer rolls, not bad tasting. The rolls were packed. For some reasons, I got reminded of the ones at the defunct O Banh Mi where they were noticeably smaller and had mint in them even though these didn't. All good with the nước chấm.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, green mango prawn salad with mint

Pretty impressed with their chilled green mango prawn salad with mint. There was a medley of textures from the mango strips, toasted peanuts, prawn and onions. This medley was paired with another medley of flavours from the green mango, sugar, fish sauce and what I really enjoyed from this, the mint. I'd eat this again.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, turmeric fish with dill
Uncle Ho Tuckshop, turmeric fish with dill
Uncle Ho Tuckshop, the bun and the shrimp paste

Their turmeric fish (chả cá thăng long?) was nice. The slices of fish were firm and crisp with the flavour from the turmeric. Wished there were a lot more dill to go with it though. This was served with bún and some fermented shrimp paste (mắm tôm?). That was a lot of shrimp paste because even a little of it packed plenty of the briny pungent fermented shrimp flavour. 😅 

I didn't get a photo of their beef stew but as a note to self, the gravy was nicely spiced and delicious. The chunks of beef were however hard and stringy. Avoid if I ever come back.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, vietnamese drip coffee

Starbucks priced Vietnamese drip coffee. Not bad though. I liked that it wasn't as sweet as how other places tend to do theirs.

Uncle Ho Tuckshop, Pasir Panjang Road

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