Sunday, July 18, 2021

一一五糖水 (Yi Yi Wu Tang Shui), Chinatown Food Centre

一一五糖水 (Yi Yi Wu Tang Shui), Chinatown Food Centre

I've had desserts from this stall (#02-206 Chinatown Food Centre, 335 Smith Street) years ago for years but had for some reasons never blogged it. Better late than never is the saying. The proprietors make traditional Cantonese desserts, many of which are bean/seed based which are ground using an old stone mortar and pestle. Sold?

一一五糖水 (Yi Yi Wu Tang Shui), bobo chacha

They have bobo chacha (or bubur cha cha) on their specials of the day. Grabbed a bowl of their smooth soup of sweetened coconut milk with chunks of yam and sweet potato. I liked that the desserts weren't excessively sweet here.

一一五糖水 (Yi Yi Wu Tang Shui), green bean soup

The dessert which is difficult to find elsewhere is their stink/smelly grass (臭草) green bean soup. Green bean soup that is stewed with sprigs of rue herb. Rue herbs are called so because one would rue the day they tasted them. Just kidding. It's suppose to be cooling for the body. I don't eat it enough to get anything cooled so for me, it's just their brand of herbaceous fragrance which may be an acquired taste.

一一五糖水 (Yi Yi Wu Tang Shui), smelly grass green bean

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