Friday, July 16, 2021

Gravy, Hoe Chiang Road

Gravy, Hoe Chiang Road

Gravy (1 Hoe Chiang Road, tel : +65 9101 5824) used to be known as Delhi Express Restaurant. Funny thing was I had never noticed them at this corner of Tanjong Pagar before. Now that I have, it was time for us to pay them a visit.

Gravy, papadums

The papadums they served were spicy.

Gravy, tandoori pomfret

Tried a tandoori pomfret for the first time. Not bad. Didn't think that a fish with such delicate meat would survive the tandoor intact but it did.

Gravy, butter chicken

We ordered butter chicken. The rendition at Gravy was sweet, rich and creamy. Which was almost ideal. What could have been improved were the smokiness from the chunks of chicken tikka and the gravy itself. Needed much more of the smokiness.

Gravy, palak paneer

Palak paneer was good. The puréed spinach was also rich and creamy with fragrance from cumin and had heat from both ginger and dried chilli. Yes, there were piping hot cubes of paneer inside as well.

Gravy, cheese naan

Cheese naan was chewy and stuffed with Mozzarella cheese...

Gravy, garlic naan

...while the garlic naan was thin and crisp without chewiness. Nice garlic flavour for this. Both were good in their own ways with the butter chicken and palak gravy though.

Gravy, lassi

Liked that their sweet lassi wasn't so sweet. Would come back again.

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