Sunday, July 11, 2021

Lucky Chicken Rice, Lucky Plaza

Lucky Chicken Rice, Lucky Plaza

I hadn't eaten at Lucky Chicken Rice (#02-110 Lucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Rd, tel : +65 6738 4175) since I was a student. Without going into specifics, it was a very long time back. It used to be "the chicken rice stall" to eat at along with Hainanese Delicacy at Far East Plaza when you were a student hanging out in town without much money to spare for lunch.

Naturally, I have forgotten much of how their chicken rice tasted like. I only remembered that it was 'nice'.

Lucky Chicken Rice, chicken rice

Rice was they beady textured type with light flavouring from the chicken oils and garlic. This only meant that there was no dilemma between chilli or no chilli. Speaking of which, the chilli sauce was not bad.

Lucky Chicken Rice, roast chicken

We ordered half a roast (deep fried actually) chicken. It costed more than what many places charged for a whole chicken but I suppose this was Lucky Plaza. What did that mean? High rentals and adjustment for many non-locals that eat here. The meat was moistened by the sauce which was pretty salty. Skin of the bird look shrunken and wrinkled all over and didn't have any crisp at all. But it tasted very much the roasted chicken flavour.

Lucky Chicken Rice, liver gizzards

Livers were creamy and gizzards were crunchy. At this point, I realized that what this shop doesn't do is good quality sesame oil over their food.

Lucky Chicken Rice, eggs


Lucky Chicken Rice, Lucky Plaza

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