Sunday, July 18, 2021

Snow cod and peas from Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish, snow cod patagonian toothfish chilean sea bass

Snow cod = Chilean sea bass = patagonian toothfish. For some reasons very expensive here. Commonly steamed but it was available for fish and chips. This costed more than any fish from Smiths which uses Atlantic cod - a fish with firmer and flakier texture which I thought was a better fish than the snow cod. Probably my mistake to have even ordered this. 

Fish was not as "buttery and flaky" as they have claimed. While it looked chunky, it was probably a third batter which meant one didn't get much fish. The menu has changed lately as well with Halibut no longer on the menu. These mushy peas they gave aren't mushy. I had expected salted butter or at least salt but it was just peas and mint. Pretty disappointing, I thought I had found a fish and chips place I could turn to. It's back to Smiths it seems. 

Big Fish Small Fish, menu

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