Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The permanance of Chicken McCrispy from McD

McDonald's, chicken mccrispy

Who would have foreseen that we would be ever buying a bucket of chicken form McD. Not that it was impossible. Just improbable. Chicken McCrispy has apparently made it into the permanent menu of McD.  I remember having them in the previous times they made their limited appearance but don't really remember if the flavour was the same. I do have the impression that I thought that they tasted better previously though. 

McDonald's, chicken mccrispy

What's slightly little odd about about them were the chicken thighs. They were thoughtfully prepared with just one bone in the the meat but that meat looked flattened. Shaped out for some reasons. There were juices but not real moisture. Otherwise, we found the skin too crusty. I detected garlic, some very mild heat and felt like I was eating a lot of fried flour. Surely they do not think they could compete with Jollibee with this?

McDonald's, *cues X-Files music*

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