Saturday, July 03, 2021

Tarpow-ing cai png from Ocean Curry Fishhead

Ocean Curry Fishhead, cai png

Here's cai png with a couple of more toppings that I haven't had before from Ocean Curry Fish Head. Like those squids stewed in squid ink and curry leaves which left the sauce tasting much like...*Scott Travis drumroll*...curry. Nice - aside from the infusion of curry flavour spiked with heat from an occasional slice of chilli padi in what tasted like a cholesterol laden squid ink sauce, the squids were also stuffed with their roe. A mouthful there. And double entendre if you caught it. They also do the local rendition of sweet and spicy kung pao chicken which I liked. Not forgetting some garlic-ky kang kong for the obligatory greens that I ought to have more regularly.

Ocean Curry Fishhead, Telok Ayer

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