Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Truffled dumpings and steamed rice from Victor's Kitchen

Victor's Kitchen, Chinatown Point

Victor's Kitchen has some truffled dim sum so we came over to try. By 'truffled', it was black truffle puree over their steamed dumplings, not sliced summer black truffles.

Victor's Kitchen, truffle siew mai

As mundane as the dumplings looked, I enjoyed the black truffle siew mai. According to them, the puree was made with Grade A Italian black truffles. While I personally couldn't tell, I liked that the truffle flavour complemented rather than overwhelmed the stuffings of the siew mai.

Victor's Kitchen, truffle har gow cordyceps

These were black truffle cordyceps har gow - different looking from their regular variety har gow. Pretty good tasting too with the cordyceps.

Victor's Kitchen, steamed chicken rice
Victor's Kitchen, steamed pork ribs rice

I liked their steamed chicken rice. Have been wanting to come back to get a bowl of this since that CNY rendition with lup cheong some years ago. We also had the pork rib steamed rice with fermented black beans. The meat here was a little tougher so I like the chicken one better. Rice was delicious with the sliced chilli padi.

Victor's Kitchen, milk tea

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