Monday, July 12, 2021

Tonkatsu, another not for takeaway or delivery

Ginza Anzu, brown rice

Previously I was mentioning about resisting takeaway ramen because they were best eaten freshly prepared. Tonkatsu is another one of those things that fall into that category for its own reasons too.

Ginza Anzu, cabbage

How would one run through refills of the shredded cabbage without eating at the restaurant?

Ginza Anzu, ginjo tonkatsu

The fried panko crust surely couldn't stay as warm and crispy.

Ginza Anzu, scallop katsu

Delicate items like scallops might either overcook or stiffen because of dehydration during transit.

Ginza Anzu, ebi katsu

Yeah, tonkatsu is one of the things I had been missing during the HA. I never thought so much about them as the times when I couldn't eat them at the restaurants. If anyone was wondering where these were from, it's Ginza Anzu.

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