Friday, July 09, 2021

Bak kut teh "ramen" from Sushiro...and other stuff

Sushiro, bak kut teh ramen

The uni ramen and their hae mee has been rotated off menu at Sushiro. I will miss the latter. But they've a bak kut teh ramen. Now one must take the moniker 'ramen' with a pinch of proverbial salt. It's not really much of ramen as many of us might know it. Just noodles in broth. I don't know how Sushiro does theirs but it did taste like bak kut teh with a light pepperiness and garlic in the flavour. The rib was marinated and pretty tender. Better than I had imagined.

Sushiro, aji katsu nigiri

In other news, aji seems to be in season and they have thrown together a aji katsu nigiri. We got some freshly fried fish but don't expect these to taste as good as the proper ones. At least now we know.

Sushiro, aji katsu nigiri

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