Saturday, July 17, 2021

More Ma Maison

Ma Maison, suntory

Draught Suntory is pretty competitively priced at Ma Maison. Nothing like an ice cold frosty mug of it while waiting for the food.

Ma Maison, unagi spaghetti

The unagi spaghetti they have on menu displayed outside the restaurant was one of the items that drew us in.

Ma Maison, gyutan

We started off munching on some deep fried gyutan. I liked that the flavour of the tongue developed as you chewed on them. Some parts were a little too chewy though.

Ma Maison, unagi spaghetti

This was the unagi spaghetti, not as pretty as what the menu suggested. But the flavour from the sauce was nice. Nice like the tare that is used for the unagi kabayaki paired with eggs and onion that wasn't excessively sweet. Good flavour coming from the eel itself as well.

Ma Maison, gyu katsu omu rice beef stroganoff

I forgot what this was called but it was basically omu rice, gyu katsu and their beef stroganoff. Not a fan of the gyu katsu which didn't taste like beef. If I had this blindfolded, I wouldn't have known better if someone had told me it was tonkatsu.

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