Monday, July 05, 2021

Brunch at Bar Milano

Bar Milano, potpourri

Brunch at Bar Milano.

Bar Milano, sea bass orange butter sauce

The sea bass was nice - light crisp on the skin with tender flaky meat. Served on a creamy orange butter sauce with thin slices of cooked peel-on oranges hidden under the fish with fennel. That orange butter sauce inherited a hint of bitterness from the orange peel. Liked the sauce enough that I mopped the plate clean with the ricotta pancakes. Speaking of ricotta pancakes......

Bar Milano, ricotta pancake

......we liked that we could taste the cheese in them. These were served piping hot with steam wafting as the knife went through them. That's macerated strawberries and strawberry mascarpone on them.

Bar Milano, pork & fennel sausage

To round up the brunch with some weight, some savoury pork and fennel sausages. 

Bar Milano, Keong Saik Road

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