Thursday, July 08, 2021

Putian Delights (莆田美食), Alexandra Village Food Centre

Putian Delights (莆田美食), Alexandra Village Food Centre

I've noticed this stall (#01-88, Alexandra Village Food Centre, Blk 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1) for some time now. Have been wondering how the "street level" Putian food compares with what we have always been getting from Putien. So we tried a couple of items we liked - like their Xinghua bee hoon and the stir fried yam.

Putian Delights (莆田美食), xing hua bee hoon

The obvious visual cue was that the bee hoon used here were the regular variety - meaning that it wasn't as fine as the ones that one gets from Putien. The ingredients were more sparse and the flavour in the noodles were very much lighter as well. This large portion came with a few clams, shrimps and so little bits of pork and seaweed that it wasn't even worth mentioning. Chilli sauce was spicy and sour, not as vibrantly lime-y like Putien.

It was also much cheaper than eating than at Putien. If one didn't make comparisons, it was a pretty light flavoured yet fairly tasty plate of bee hoon which one could inhale with ease.  

Putian Delights (莆田美食), stir fried yam

Again to compare, these stir fried yam didn't have the crust nor the flavouring from the fish sauce that those from Putien do. Putien's yams all come in blocks while this one has the "edges" of the cut yam as well. Not a biggie. It was still sweet with a coating of sugar and one could still taste the yam. Not bad methinks.

Putian Delights (莆田美食), Alexandra Village Food Centre

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