Sunday, February 10, 2019

More food from Victor's Kitchen

Victor's Kitchen, milk tea

There are a few items that's worth the trip to Victor's Kitchen. First thing that comes to mind is their milk tea which is served iced in a bowl rather than ice in the tea. Like how they do it at Tai Hing.

Victor's Kitchen, char siew bolo buns

Digressing from the topic of things worth coming for, we never realized that this place doesn't have char siew pau. We found that out today. They do have char siew bolo buns though so we ended up with these instead.

Victor's Kitchen, char siew bolo buns

The fillings were not bad. Unfortunately, the buns weren't anything like those at Kam Wah though. Or even Tim Ho Wan. The crust here simply didn't taste very crusty at all.

Victor's Kitchen, chee cheong fun char siew

We had a few other "regular" stuff like cheong fun with char siew.

Victor's Kitchen, har gow

Har gow. I still feel their skins were a little too thick.

Victor's Kitchen, prawn spinach dumplings

Prawn and spinach dumplings which I thought weren't bad at all.

Victor's Kitchen, steamed radish cake

Back to those things worth coming for was their steamed radish cake with XO sauce. It's not going to be fair comparing this to the one at Wai Kee Congee so I won't. Hah!

Victor's Kitchen, abalone siew mai

Digressing from the things worth coming for again, Victor's has a bunch of modified items for this CNY. One of them were their abalone siew mai. The abalone on these were tinier than the ones we had at China Classic. They were chewy and without much flavour but the siew mai themselves tasted better than the last time.

Victor's Kitchen, steamed chicken rice lup cheong

Back again to the things worth coming for is their steamed chicken rice. This one was a CNY edition that featured lup cheong. The regular bowl doesn't. It's good because the rice and the chicken are both steamed together. The result was that both the rice and chicken were moist and tender with rendered fat and soy sauce flavouring the rice.

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