Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Re-revisiting Mustard on 初二

Mustard, Race Course Road

It used to be the case where we avoided Chinese food during the Chinese New Year because the restaurants are closed during the period but it doesn't seem to be the case nowadays. But old habits do die harder. It's a good excuse to head back down to Mustard anyway.

Mustard, saag gosht

Today we ordered their saag gosht. That's right, it's not palak paneer there. We enjoyed it. However there was indeed a difference in the quality between this and the one we previously had at Punjab Grill which I felt was superior; because I could associate that lamb with words like smooth, moist and plump. This one wasn't as smooth, wasn't so moist and didn't feel plump. Now I'm more keenly aware of what I paid for.

Mustard, mahi tikka

We tried their mahi tikka and it turned out to be a good choice. The tender pieces of fish were tangy and smoky from the marinate. Good for returns.

Mustard, chingri maacher malai

What I had looking forward to was their Bengali prawn in coconut curry dish - or also known as chingri maacher malai. The creamy and rich cardamom/cinnamon/clove infused curry left an impression the first time I was here. Today was a moment reliving that experience. Still delicious. Today's prawns had much better texture than the last time. 

Mustard, churi naan

That's the churi naan, which according to the menu is layered and has coconut. This was sweet. Quite nice. For some reasons, it worked with both the saag and the chingri maacher malai.

Mustard, jeera basmati rice

Delicious curries begged to be paired with rice. We thought the buttery jeera basmati rice made good pairing

Definitely looking forward to the next time.

Mustard, Race Course Road