Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tim Ho Wan, Westgate

So I've finally visited Tim Ho Wan (#01-13/14 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, tel : +65 6686 2000). And yes, it had taken me a while. But I didn't see any reason to hurry to a cloned proxy of a Michelin starred dim sum joint, be it a deserving luminance or not. 

Their century egg and minced meat porridge was quite nice. It was a good effort having the porridge as close as the ones in Hong Kong. I shall not compare.

These baked buns with char siew are apparently one of their signatures. Or one of their big four heavenly kings as they term them. The crusty exterior doesn't preserve their crisp texture very well over time so we've learnt after doing a takeaway. I didn't dislike these but I don't think I'll be ordering them again.

Har gow was good. Fresh firm chunks of shrimp found in these steamed dumplings.

The steamed spinach dumplings with shrimp were also good. In fact, it was one of the more outstanding items we've had in this visit and I intend to get them again if I ever come back.

Steamed rice rolls were decent if unexceptional. I'm pretty sure it was the sweet and sesame sauces that did the trick.

Tim Ho Wan's pan fried radish cakes are also another of their four heavenly kings. Sadly, these don't come close to those from Imperial Treasure which are noticeably superior with a tastier crust and creamier inside.

The third of the four heavenly king of theirs we tried was their steamed egg cake. Or also commonly known as 马来糕. The texture was light and quite fluffy, but these didn't quite taste like the usual eggy ones. I'm not sure if they have been localized but there was a distinctive flavour of gula melaka in them.

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