Saturday, April 09, 2016

Bakmie and sio may from JTown Cafe

So we finally got back to try the bakmie from JTown. This was their bakmie ayam cabe ijo - the option with a green chilli sauce/stew and bits of chicken. I rather liked the green chilli stew. I thought there was sufficient flavour going on in the sauce to be likeable while there was some heat to keep the flavours interesting. I suppose the noodles were okay. Would have like them more springy but they were okay. Though I wouldn't be in a hurry to come back, I wouldn't mind eating them again if I'm in the vicinity.

The sio may on the other hand I didn't quite take to. The staff paraphrasing my order had called it siew mai which I guess is what sio may was. But it wasn't exactly siew mai as most people here would know of it. It was a sort of fish cake and it wasn't even the type of fish cake that most of us were familiar with. These were basically chewy pieces of flour flavoured with some fish. It was as far removed from what is commonly regarded as fish cake as those mutants from The Hills Have Eyes are from humanity.

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