Saturday, June 04, 2016

More desserts from Ji De Chi (記得吃)

Ji De Chi (記得吃), bandung soya bean curd

So we came back for more desserts. That pink stuff up there was soya bean curd flavoured with rose. In essence (pun intended), the taste was a little bit like bandung. The bowl at the bottom was double boiled milk pudding with durian puree. See the stuff that's peeking out of the fissure in the middle of the bowl. In retrospect, while it didn't taste too bad, it wasn't such a good idea. The durian puree as flavourful as it was pretty much drowned out anything the milk pudding had to offer so the whole bowl tasted pretty much of just the fruit.

Ji De Chi (記得吃), double boiled milk pudding durian

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