Saturday, June 25, 2016

Keria Japanese Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

Keria Japanese Restaurant, Cuppage Plaza

This was a small shop (#B1-28 Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Rd, tel : +65 6733 0654) nestled in the basement of Cuppage Plaza. You know - the homely izakaya kind of place? We've been to Cuppage Plaza countless times and never knew they existed until recently.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, uni temaki

We had uni temaki. Tasty handrolls with filled with sea urchin on shiso and rice.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, mentaiko cabbage

That's cabbage stir fried with mentaiko. I found this very addictive. These would be just perfect with a bowl of steamed white rice.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, momotaro tomatoes

We had momotaro tomatoes. Man these were sweet and juicy. Not to mention expensive as well.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, chutoro maki

We munched through a couple of chutoro maki too. Tasty and also rather dearly priced.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, beef curry rice

Their beef curry was one of the more memorable ones I've had in a while. The flavours were rich and packed a nice warmth from the heat along with very tender pieces of meat and tendon. This was a half portion with miso soup which was an option on menu.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, gyoza

Some meaty gyozas were also in the cards.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, tonteki

And something the menu described as 'pork steak wasabi soya sause'. Through the erroneous spelling and wrongly sequenced gramma, we found out that it was some kind of wasabi butter on pork loin. The butter made the pork very tasty though the meat was much tougher than what we had expected out of a slab of rosu.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, soramame

Today was a first time for us with grilled soramame (broad beans). These were like a larger and more flavourful version of edamame. I like these.

Keria Japanese Restaurant, ayu

Because ayu was in season, we just had to have them. The bitter sweetness from the head and belly from the grilled fish was amazing. The meat was tender with a light texture and there was also that flavourful skin. This was superior to the last ones we had from Kanda Wadatsumi.

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