Sunday, June 05, 2016

Lunch at Nogawa Japanese Restaurant

It's been quite a long while since the last time we were here for lunch at Nogawa (#03-25 Concorde Hotel Singapore, 100 Orchard Rd., tel : +65 6732 2911). 8 years to be precise - I didn't realise so much time had passed since then. This hotel which the restaurant is located was once known as Le Meridian from back then.

There was some sort of special omakase lunch set for the month. I wouldn't know if it was really omakase as the term intended but there was a variety and the food was prettily plated. The largest items from the tray was grilled sake (salmon) and sakura ebi kakiage that had mushrooms.

The set came with three types of appetizers. A sawagani tackling a ball of fried pumpkin concealing a chestnut core, some pickled vegetable which I couldn't identify and a fried ayu. Look at the burnt looking leaf on the right. It was carved out of steamed pumpkin.

There was a little pot of dobinmushi with maitake mushroom.

And five negiri sushi.

The closure for that set was some yuzu sorbet and oolong tea.

We also tried Nogawa's sukiyaki set

This was rather good. The thinly sliced beef was of good quality and delicious.

We ordered a asari and seaweed tempura which was done with a crisp batter. The flavours of the seaweed came through nicely in that batter and there were slices of mushroom in the tempura to make them "meatier" if you know what I mean.

An interesting looking rock. Or not.

The English menu describes this as steamed foie gras but it's a foie gras mizore mushi. Pretty smoky tasting and the foie was much more cooked than what we had expected.

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