Sunday, June 19, 2016

Breakfast food for dinner at MTR and other thoughts

MTR 1924, rava idli

I've disliked coriander for as long as I can remember. There are spectrums to dislikes and my relationship with coriander falls close to one the extreme end. Hence understandably so, when I realized that the rava idli from MTR was stuffed with them the first time I ate them, I was mortified. Mind still not fully latching onto the reality of these days when I actually eat one; half anticipating that I'll be spitting out a mouthful from reacting to the flavour. But no....that did not happen. I happily scooped another piece, warily eyeing bits of leaves and stem hanging out from the rice cakes - still unbelieving that I'm actually enjoying these. 

MTR 1924, chow chow bath

That's a chow chow bath. Breakfast kind of Indian vegetarian food. A plate with a scoop of the savoury kara bath and another of the sweet kesari bath. Semolina pudding/cakes the both of them. The former with ghee, mustard seed and bits of vegetables and the latter with ghee and cashew and raisins, flavoured with saffron. I learnt of their existence back in the day at Chellas. These ones here at MTR tasted better.

MTR 1924, badam milk

And to wash down, a cup of hot badam drink. Which is pretty much like their badam milk. Except that it's hot and not cold and was noticeably less creamy. But basically a sweet milk drink of almond spiced with saffron and cardamom. 

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