Monday, June 20, 2016

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou (海鲜煮粥), Yishun Street 21

Hai Xian Zhu Zhou (海鲜煮粥), Yishun

The last time we were here (#01-472 Choh Dee Place, Blk 233 Yishun St. 21), we saw quite a lot of people with their steaming bowls of noodles which looked pretty good even though it seemed that these guys are pretty well known for their porridge. Yes, it's the same Choh Dee Place as the one with the fried carrot cake. I got a bowl this time round - tom yam pork Koka noodles. Pretty generous portions of thin sliced pork, liver and what appears to be home made meatballs. All for a princely sum of less than four dollars. If you were wondering, it tasted like instant noodle seasoning with instant noodles. It sure was delicious though.

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