Sunday, June 12, 2016

Otoro katsu from Suigei Sake Salon

Suigei Sake Salon, otoro katsu teishoku

Suigei Sake Salon has a new teishoku set for lunch. One with otoro katsu! The side dishes included in this set were minced crab and sazae. No kegani croquette. Like their other lunch orders, it is limited to 5 sets a day.

Suigei Sake Salon, otoro katsu

The meat of the tuna was lightweight and tender. Amongst the condiments to be used for the otoro katsu, I felt the accompanying mustard and salt together were the better. Not so much the tonkatsu sauce.

Suigei Sake Salon, kegani croquette

Because the kegani croquette did not come with the lunch, we ordered it as an add on anyway. There was dessert, we took the pumpkin pudding again because the other option which was soya bean pudding didn't sound as good.

Suigei Sake Salon

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