Thursday, June 23, 2016

Revisiting PerBacco

So it's back to our rather recently discovered Italian restaurant. Honestly, the crowd here looked a little worrying on a Friday evening when you couldn't even get a table without reservations at neighbouring joints like Pasta Brava. While we appreciated the peace of a quiet spot (an experience uncommon these days) for dinner, it also means that business might not be good enough to sustain rental and profits. That being said, I hope these guys stay around for much longer.

By the way, the menu has changed a little since the last time. The green pea mint risotto is no longer on the menu; amongst others which we wanted to try. Prices seem to have increased a little and black summer truffle season is here. 

PerBacco, prosciutto scamorza Frittelle Soffici
Frittelle Soffici e Involtini al Prosciutto e Scamorza
Started off with some prosciutto wrapped Scamorza cheese and fritters of some sort. The cheese and prosciutto were good, nothing unexpected yet the essence of an attractive enduring flavour. Assuming you like ham and cheese that is. Those fritters tasted like beignets. Almost like choux pastry with a crisp shell while the insides were soft with a core that was almost like custard. Savoury of course.

PerBacco, lobster carbonara linguine
Linguine alla Carbonara di Astice
As the name says, it is lobster carbonara. Did it taste anything like regular carbonara? No it didn't. It was less cheesy and didn't have the aroma of black pepper or pancetta/guanciale/bacon. But the lobster flavour in the sauce reduced us to silence and slurps. This was pretty damn good.

PerBacco, wagyu ribeye black truffles

Wagyu ribeye of, by my guess, middling marbling with some nutty sauce and shaven black truffle. This was rich, flavourful and satisfying. Even those fried potatoes on the side were awesome.

PerBacco, lamb loin masala jus
Tagliata di Agnello con Cipollotti Stufati e Salsa al Marsala
We had lamb too. With a Marsala jus and sweet braised shallots. Delicious little loins just like the last time.

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