Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Keef the Beef, The Grandstand

Keef the Beef, The Grandstand

Keef the Beef (#01-12 The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, tel : +65 6972 1582) is a local grown steakhouse. They've relocated from their previous business location not long ago to this current space which used to house Yoyogi. From what I've read, this steakhouse spawned from a trigger during the owner's trip to an iconic 150 year old steakhouse in New York City in 2015. The signature cow dish from said 150 year old steakhouse had left such an impression that Keef the Beef replicated it here. 

Keef the Beef, Suntory premium malt kuro

Suntory's kuro is available on tap here. An excellent choice if I might add but at $20 a pint, it was pretty pricey.

Keef the Beef, foie gras

Foie gras was quite nice. Those spiced apples on the side were good - wished there was more of it.

Keef the Beef, fries

There's hand cut fries - okay tasting.

Keef the Beef, kimchi

I like their option of kimchi as a side. These were well fermented with a respectable sourness which served as a foil to cut through the richness from the meats.

Keef the Beef, the PL

We had an order of The PL - the replicated steak from the iconic 150 year old steakhouse in New York City. With USDA Prime beef. Hawr hawr...yes PL is obviously supposed to abbreviate Peter Luger. This steak was a ribeye, not a porterhouse though. I've never been to Peter Luger so I have no frame of comparison; but this was good.

Keef the Beef, the PL

The knife slide through the tender meat with relative ease. Tender yet with bite. Not the melt in your mouth shit that poseurs out there often yap about. Well to be fair, the fat in the meat was sufficiently softened that it was actually kinda melt in your mouth. Not exactly medium rare I was imagining but I enjoyed it. Drizzled and dipped it in the melted butter I did.

Keef the Beef, The Grandstand

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