Sunday, November 21, 2021

Leng Kee (龍記) Fish Soup after all these years

Leng Kee (龍記), fish soup

Story time. There used to be a bunch of roadside hawker stalls just at the back of Fairprice along Beo Crescent. I remember that spot being dark and dingy. What was etched deeper in my mind's recesses was eating satay there as a kid and that satay stall there was my first experience with the pineapple sauce that stalls serve with their satay. Said satay stall also sold fish soup. As a kid, I never bother with names.

Leng Kee (龍記), satay stall

I've only learnt from my dad that the above mentioned satay stall was Leng Kee. The fish soup I thought I had only been introduced to a decade ago when in truth I had been eating for far longer was that same Leng Kee. The satay stall and the fish soup stall had separated some time after they had relocated to Bukit Timah Food Centre. Anyways, I got myself a bowl today. Still great slices of fish in that broth perfumed gently with ti poh and fried shallots that I always felt was delicious.

Leng Kee (龍記), Bukit Timah Food Centre

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