Monday, November 07, 2022

Smiths Fish and Chips without fish & chips

Smiths Fish and Chips, Aspall

There're a few items on the menu at Smiths that aren't fish & chips which I have been curious about.

Smiths Fish and Chips, burger

Their burger was one. Meat tasted like it had fillers and a marinade - like a flavour from the 80s when people didn't know any better. There's cheese and onions and some barbecue sauce; the latter of which I'm glad was around because it kinda held up and kept me going. Buns were not bad though. I didn't think it was worth even half of what they were charging. Wouldn't get it again.

Smiths Fish and Chips, lamb doner pita

There's a doner kebab rotisserie and I ordered one in pita because lamb. Yes it was that kind of reconstituted protein texture but it tasted like lamb - which was more than can be said for some other lamb dishes out here. Anyways, it's lamb-y and salty and I liked it. Reminded me of HSPs in Melbourne. While the picture looked like it might have been 50% vegetables, that was all the vegetables there were. The rest of the pita's stuffing was all lamb. 👍🏼 

Smiths Fish and Chips, leone sausage

Tried a lorne/square sausage. First time having these. Texture underneath the greasy batter was kinda mushy unlike sausages I had imagined. Even luncheon meat had a cleaner crisp to their softness than these. Yes, luncheon meat. Not a fan.

Smiths Fish and Chips, Balmoral Plaza

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