Sunday, November 27, 2022

Re-revisiting Gaston

Gaston, Keong Saik Road

Our third time eating at Gaston.

Gaston, kronenbourg blanc

Kronenbourg is a great easy drinking beer just like Hoegaarden with it's floral citrus-y flavour.

Gaston, food

Looked like we ordered a lot but we didn't.

Gaston, trout confit

Confit trout with the smoked potato salad was delicious. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Meat was about medium doneness and nicely charred on the outside. Those trout skin crackers on the side needed a bit more salt.

Gaston, onion tart blue cheese figs

Together with the trout was an creamy onion tart with blue cheese and figs that kept our mouths busy while waiting for the main courses. Also delicious.

Gaston, stewed lamb pomegranate

We had braised lamb with roasted pumpkin which was... ordinary if not for the bursts of citrus from the pomegranate.

Gaston, sweetbread

The pièce de résistance tonight was their Ris de Veau Sauce Forestière - fried veal sweetbread with forest mushroom sauce. This was so good. They mentioned 140 grams and that it was considered a sizeable piece. Pretty impressed by the sauce which had good salting and an intense flavour from the mushrooms. At this time, I would be hard pressed to recall another mushroom sauce which packed as much flavour as this did. Wished the portions of the sweetbread were bigger for what they charged though.

Gaston, les crepes gaston

Tried their Les Crêpes Gaston which was done with banana rum compote, hazelnuts and some sour cream. Said banana rum compote had probably been prepared and refrigerated because unlike the warm crepe, it was chilled. Not bad. The dessert would be more awesome if it was done à la minute table side but I understand that they probably can't with the limited space. 

Gaston, Keong Saik Road

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