Sunday, November 13, 2022

AmiYaki ( 一汁三菜), Icon Village

AmiYaki ( 一汁三菜), Icon Village

AmiYaki (#01-16 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, tel : +65 6970 9963) has taken over the space that used to be Tokyo Soba - which has moved into the area a stone's throw away that used to be occupied by Tom N Toms Coffee. 

From what I gathered, they're teishoku styled incorporating ichijju sansai - a foundation of Japanese home cooking involving the four elements of one soup and three dishes. Rice, soup, a main dish with sides and pickles.

Kinda like how some of the stuff we had previously at Ootoya.

AmiYaki ( 一汁三菜), lamb leg teishoku

Tried their lamb leg and gyutan sets. Not a fan of their lamb because of the pretty strong marinate that was sweet and had ginger in it - a pairing I wasn't expecting as opposed to lamb-y and savoury which I was looking forward to. Gyutan's not bad, just a lot more jaw work than I am used to.

AmiYaki ( 一汁三菜), gyutan teishoku

The soup's miso and pretty good with a squeeze of lime, rice was obviously incomparable to Suju while pickles were young and zested with yuzu. Spinach was tender and pretty good eating. Not a fan of their chikuzenni - would have much preferred the renkon/beans to be more cooked and the broth to be more intense from a longer stewing.

AmiYaki ( 一汁三菜), kawa chicken skin

Kawa - we ordered it on the side. These were freshly grilled like their meats plus a bit of bitterness from the charring. Made nice munching. Odd thing was that they weren't salted at all.

AmiYaki ( 一汁三菜), Icon Village

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