Thursday, November 24, 2022

Joji's Diner, Stanley Street

Joji's Diner, Stanley Street

Mixed feelings about the food at Joji's Diner (3 Stanley Street, tel : +65 6993 7890).

Joji's Diner, cappucino

Coffee's okay, that's a double shot so it's not exactly coffee flavoured milk they're serving. What might not be apparent is that this was a cappuccino. Don't think anyone would be faulted for thinking that this was a latte.

Joji's Diner, smash burger

What I was interested in was their smash burger. According to them, it's 70% beef and 30% lamb. Happy to report that I could taste the lamb. What needed work was the salt. Salting was uneven so some of the bites were bland-ish. Pity cuz that burger was otherwise pretty decent.  

Joji's Diner, duck config

Duck was not worth the money. Meat was hard. I read somewhere that it was slow cooked for 9 hours. If that had been so, this would be somewhat of a spectacular failure. For something that was supposedly confit, there was also little intensity in the flavour and a conspicuous lack of salt. 

We asked about the orange marmalade sauce because what we mostly tasted was a brown sauce flavoured with rosemary. Someone from the kitchen came over to explain that they used fresh orange juice for the sauce. Well none of that came through. Nothing was mentioned about the marmalade. Where's my bits of peel? 

Joji's Diner, blueberry pancake

We had blueberry pancakes.

Joji's Diner, blueberry pancake

There's more than just blueberries in the sauce. I think red current and cranberries too if I'm not mistaken. Not a fan of it because something about it tasted artificial to me. Pancakes were okay but don't come expecting the same standards as Clinton Street Baking Company.

Joji's Diner, Stanley Street

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