Monday, November 14, 2022

Putra Minang, International Plaza

Putra Minang, nasi padang

We noticed Putra Minang (#01-33 International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, tel : +65 8262 3535) some months back and have always told ourselves that we'll try it one day every other time we've seen it again. One day has finally arrived by happenstance.

I'm not sure why but the portions were humongous and the price tag was there to match. Beef tendon in sambal ijo, sayur lodeh, begedil and sotong hitam which could have easily fed two for $17 - good thing there were two of us.

Food was pretty good. Solid egg wash on that begedil and I liked that the squid wasn't chewy. Tendons would definitely benefit from a longer stewing. I'm not getting much intensity from both sambal on the side but then again my benchmark is Sari Ratu

Putra Minang, International Plaza

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