Saturday, November 05, 2022

Tanglin Cookhouse, Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Cookhouse, Tanglin Mall

Upmarket legacy food from the British Indian times + generic cafe stuff with a smattering of local influences at Tanglin Cookhouse (#01-106 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, tel : +65 6235 9382). It's their take on them in this era anyway.

Tanglin Cookhouse, mocha

Mocha - something I don't have very often. I kept my expectations really low after hearing about how unsatisfying it might be and those really low expectations might have helped. Didn't taste bad. Generic coffee/chocolate flavoured milk. Wouldn't say that it's bad but I haven't much else to say about it also.

Tanglin Cookhouse, kedgeree

Tried their kedgeree. It's actually pretty nice tasting as a rice dish. Lots of flavour coming from the from the ingredients like smoked haddock, parsley, lemon, tumeric flavoured rice and a sweet tomato chutney that reminded me of butter chicken. Less curry-y than a smokier home made one I've previously had. Or possibly even the one from The Cellar Door ages ago.

Tanglin Cookhouse, sticky date pudding

Had mixed feelings on sticky date pudding. Loved the pudding, the banana and Nutella soil. I thought the savoury papadum with its bit of spice and savouriness paired well with the dessert. What I didn't like were the granolas which felt like an obligatory afterthought sprinkle and that diabetes inducing quantity of sweet toffee sauce. 

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