Saturday, August 02, 2008

A kedgeree from The Cellar Door

A kedgeree as I've learnt recently, is an Anglo Indian boiled rice dish with fish and eggs. They originated from British colonials in India. This one from The Cellar Door was precisely that and probably also a variant of possibly many renditions. It did contain small bits of smoked fish (mackerel I think) and diced tomatoes. Just that and the mildly creamy curried rice. This curried rice had just enough of the curry aroma and flavour but none of the spiciness normally associated. Even Japanese curries would be considered fairly strong in comparison with this. In spite of the mildness, I thought it was a comforting dish. I think there might have been yoghurt or cream in the rice. It tasted a little bit like a dry risotto. Does anyone know where else can kedgeree be found?

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