Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RK Eating House, Kensington Park Road

I happened to be wandering in Serangoon Gardens looking for dinner and came across RK Eating House (1 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon Garden Estate, tel : 6289 5379) and I thought to myself "cool, this could be someplace good". Almost subconsciously, I felt that I must have seen or heard of this place before. I made the call to step in for some bee hoon goreng and mutton murtabak.

Unfortunately, my instincts failed me this time. The bee hoon goreng didn't quite look as red as I had imagined and the portions were a little small. It packed very little of the spiciness I was hoping for and their ground mutton portions were so little that it would not have made a difference if they hadn't put them in. Didn't like those root end pieces of cabbage they threw in. The slightly soggy murtabak appeared quite generic and felt flat. There wasn't any additional pan frying to bring out those ground mutton inside and the onions were a bore. And there was an equally flat teh tarik which was made from a weak tea that didn't taste milky. Definitely the dampener here. I'll cross this place out for the future.


Alvin the dessertarian, not the vegetarian said...

This place, avoid it at all cost.

IT is the place which I gotten the worst service in my life.

We were being scolded for not ordering more stuff, and the waiter couldn't be bothered with us, even when shop is empty.

Threw our stuff on the table, and purposely short change us 5 bucks。 Had to raise our voices before he return us, still insisting that he didn't short change us.

Avoid it if you can.

Agnes said...

Yes please avoid this place. I had their indian rojak and got the worst experience of my life.

There was a fingernail inside one of the rojak pieces and i had the misfortune of eating it. Yucks !!

Got their attention and OFFERED to give me a discount for the plate of rojak but we refused to pay for it.

I never touched indian rojak since :(

splatpotato said...

erm.... rk eating house is the place where this group of guys pulled the "got pork?" prank.

maybe dat's y u found it somewhat familiar?

havent eaten there myself tho.

Unknown said...

yea.i had a bad experience there as well.they were selling expired can drinks.offered to treat us in return not to call NEA officers.we paid for our meal and called anyway.don't find the food good.wonder why some ppl still recommend this place.the ones along yck taste much better.

Unknown said...