Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's wrong with Casuarina Curry?

Casuarina Curry thosai
This could have been a satisfying cheese and egg masala thosai from Casuarina Curry (136-138 Casuarina Road, tel: 6455 9093) but for a couple of gripes. The first was that the thosai arrived barely lukewarm. That should not have been the case. These are supposed to be made upon order and there was absolutely no good reason for them not to be warm. The same could be said for the vegetable masala fillings. To further compounded was the barely melted (though generously portioned) cheese inside. Have I been served something that was already pre-made to be tossed into the pan for a less than half hearted attempt at heating? It's fortunate that there are other options around since they've fallen this far.

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