Friday, August 15, 2008

Lamb kebab from Charco's

This lamb kebab from Charco's was not bad but I didn't recall seeing any of those vertical spits of roasting meat down in the stall. It's about a dollar more than Sultan Kebab (which only has beef and chicken) but the fillings of meat were quite generous. What I liked about these kebabs was that there was actually cheese other than the sauces and they didn't pull the vegetable filler on us. The meat might have been a little dry but those sauces made up for the lack of "juices". We saw that there was a briyani option with the lamb too so something tells me I may be back.


D said...

We've got lots of halal street carts here selling lamb kebabs, meat on rice and falafel for under 5bucks. Pretty tasty really, even though the lamb is processed to the point it could be classified as "mystery meat" =S

LiquidShaDow said...

Kebabs stands still aren't really common here. Apart from Sultan Kebab and Shiraz Cafe (which I've yet to try), it's mostly restaurants and the occasional one at the night markets. Though I came across one at Toa Payoh today just behind the library. That place only seems to have chicken though.

I guess the prices here are comparable to your side.