Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jaggi's, Kopitiam @ Bras Brasah

Short story was, I was happening by the area a couple of weeks back and by chance saw this stall by Jaggi's in Kopitiam (No. 51 Bras Basah Road, #01-03 Plaza By The Park, S189554). Having liked their food at their main branch at Race Course Road, I wanted to try this one out. As I had suspected, due to the limited area which the store had as a unit in a foodcourt, the variety was much lesser than the main restaurant. That didn't stop me from ordering some of my favorites of their smokey and creamy butter chicken, cheese naan, palek paneer and some chicken tikka.

I was expecting some differences since this foodcourt stall didn't look like it had the space for the facilities as the original place. To my relief, the butter chicken was still good and the cheese naan still as loaded with cheese. Though the cheese didn't quite melt as well. The palek paneer wasn't too bad as well if not for the fact that it wasn't well heated like everything else and there seemed too be too little of those paneer. There was even their usual onion salsa which one could help themselves to. Altogether, it felt like a fast food version of the original Jaggi's with a smaller variety.

I'm still favorably disposed towards them and having such an alternative outlet is good news for me.

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