Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chooks, grease and grains...

A $2 chicken rice was made known to me down at the Lobby Cafe at Toa Payoh Central. Seeing that it wasn't something that turned up to often, I gave it a go. The stall only does take away so one has to find their own spot to eat. Now this wasn't close to any of the better chicken rice which I've had but it also wasn't too shabby for the cost. Flavours were little thin on the rice but the stall was pretty generous with their chilli. The portions were a little too skimpy for me that I had to look for something else to fill me up. 

Which drove me to Mooi Kee (Blk 183, Toa Payoh Central) for another plate that turned out much more satisfying. This sure didn't look like the factory roasted variety of chicken and was much more tender and glisteningly greasy in a good way. The likewise greasy rice wasn't of the fluffy variety and sat heavily but it was still all good. Strangely, the chilli was mostly just salty.

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