Thursday, August 07, 2008

Botan revisited

I ordered the kaisen don based on a recommendation and I thought this turned out pretty well. Thanks! Basically this was just a donburi (rice bowl) layered with sake, maguro, ika and generously topped with ikura and ebiko. There was also another white fish which I couldn't quite identify. Apart from some cucumbers and a couple of slices of lemon, that was pretty much it. It felt almost like some sort of chirashi with a lesser variety of sashimi. I thought that the eggs alone brought sufficient flavour to bowl that sesame sauce on the side and grated yam was not necessary at all. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the lemons though.

It didn't take much (or anything at all for that matter) to decide on a couple of orders of their uni gunkans which were good as I recalled from the last visit. Or also the steaming hot umaki tamago. And there I was being quite determined to try something else new while ending up getting the bunch of same stuff all over again. Now this wasn't exactly a bad thing since I found out that some of the accompanying side dishes for their chirashi bento changes so you'll not be getting the same stuff all the time.


ah Teo said...

i suppose you could try to squeeze the lemon on your kaisen don but i think it would be a rather difficult task. Lol...

Anonymous said...


Saw this entry and decided to try Botan. I can only say food is really great and worth the money!

Definitely love to visit them again real soon, and p.s love your food entries!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey imatraveller,
thanks for dropping in. :)