Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tino's Pizza Cafe, Tiong Bahru Plaza

We had passed by Tino's Pizza (#01-160 Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Road, tel : +65 6352 7759) on several occasions and were wondering where these guys had come from. After some digging online, I found out that they're a pizza chain by the Sun Spark Group from Taiwan. Recently, they were handing out samples of their Blue Formaggio which got us interested. We came back for a whole pizza.

Tino's makes what they classify as Neapolitan and Roman pizzas - to be believed with a healthy pinch of salt of course. We haven't tried the former and I'm not sure what's Roman about this Roman styled one we had. Interestingly, the cheese covered the entire crust of the pizza including the cornicione. Anyway, the amount of splotchy blue surface got us excited. These guys were quite generous even though it was a rather mild blue cheese that they were using. Scattered with walnuts and drizzled with honey. 

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