Friday, April 28, 2023

More desserts from Yat Ka Yan (一家人)

Yat Ka Yan (一家人), mango ice cream

Trying a couple of stuff from Yat Ka Yan (一家人) which we haven't before. That's mango with ice cream - it looked a lot more yellow and refreshing from the picture on the menu. Mango was kinda sour which offset the sweetness from the ice cream. Nicely done but I don't know if that was by accident or design.

Yat Ka Yan (一家人), almond barley beancurd

Almond barley beancurd - which was essentially fu chuk yi mai (腐竹薏米) with almond. This one was nice. Beancurd was pretty shredded though.

Yat Ka Yan (一家人), fortune centre

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