Sunday, December 26, 2021


NBCB, cheeseburger

The name abbreviates 'Nothing But CheeseBurger'....nbcb all of you, what else could it have meant?! Anyways, they're a home kitchen business that sells nothing but cheeseburgers on Fridays and Saturdays only. The double pattied burger I got had gotten was a little soggy but the buns held up with those hefty coarse ground beef patties that were done medium. Nice - though I think they could have been much better with some char. 

There was supposed to be nothing but a smear of mustard but it tasted much more saucy than just mustard. Should just lose that leaf of lettuce which contributed nothing. As a whole, the burger was not bad tasting at all. Unless I'm able to get it in less of a mess, I might just pass on the next opportunity. But how would I know? Now that there's 2280 around....

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