Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, Kim Tian Road

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, Kim Tian Road

Bigmama Korean Restaurant (2 Kim Tian Road, tel +65 6270 7704) has been around for a decade maybe. They're a small restaurant that has a vibe like a small family restaurant that one sees in movies/series in Korea run by busy looking ajummas. I remember there used to be some buzz on their dak galbi some years ago.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, banchan

I was looking them them up before coming down. It seems like their banchan have been mostly the same for the past decade so that's probably not going to change. Which means there's not much to look forward to for the banchan because I didn't think much of them. Kimchi's a little to underdeveloped for my liking.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, jelly

There's this jelly which I couldn't identify though.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, samgyetang

Tried their samgyetang.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, samgyetang

Broth was bland. This might be my first time having one so I didn't know what to expect. The was a little bit of natural sweetness to it but as a whole, it's chicken soup sans salt.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, samgyetang

Meat was very tender though. Came with a salt and pepper dip for flavour. Not something I'll be looking forward to.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, yellow corvina gulbi gui

Galbi gui - or grilled yellow corvina. Like what SBCD Tofu House serves with each meal but much bigger. This fish was generously salted. Quite a bit of fine bones.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, buchu jeon

Their buchujeon was delicious, tastiest dish we ordered tonight. Those browned bits were crispy and fragrant the pancake was filled will little shrimps and bits of squid.

Bigmama Korean Restaurant, Kim Tian Road

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