Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Back at Kim Dae Mun

Kim Dae Mun, Concorde Hotel

It's been years since we last ate at Kim Dae Mun (100 Orchard Rd, #01-03D Concorde Shopping Mall). The location looked different from what I remembered of the eatery.

Kim Dae Mun, kimchi jjigae

We ordered their kimchi jjigae. I liked the invigorating sour imparted from the aged kimchi they used for their broth. Even their cucumber banchan on the side was pretty sour.

Kim Dae Mun, steamed saba

And we also had their steamed saba. I know, what's steamed saba - never heard of such a dish, not in Korean food here anyways right? Maybe it's boiled saba or stewed saba. I cannot be certain. It's nice though. Chunky sections of the boned in fish in a fish flavoured spicy broth that came with a whole potato. I liked this. The red bean rice on the side which they called brown rice tasted similar to pulut hitam. Better on its own than with soup/sauce.

Kim Dae Mun, garlic chives pancake

Passable potato-y jeon with garlic chives. Did not taste bad but don't expect the standards from restaurants.

Kim Dae Mun, lotte milkis

I like Calpis better than Milkis.

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