Monday, January 09, 2017

BBQ Station has become BBQ Box


Wow, these fellas have certainly upgraded since the last time we were here. The furnishing and decor have gotten an overhaul from a relatively frills free looking Chinese skewer joint to something that was slightly steampunk-ish. Yeah, you did read steampunk.

These days each table is provided a wooden bbq box, albeit heated by just tea lights under aluminium foil to keep your skewers warm.

BBQ Box, skewers

Here’s a look at some of those skewers. Obviously we had ordered much more but it was a pain in the ass trying to get a picture for each small batch that arrived. The pig intestines and pig skin were delicious. So was the shishamo even though it hadn’t as much eggs as we were hoping for. That cumin certainly transformed things. Interestingly, there were also squid beaks!

BBQ Box, lamb ribs

These were their lamb ribs. Pretty decent and nicely dry rubbed with the spices but obviously not the same standards as those from Restaurant Manchurian

BBQ Box, scallops

We had scallops too. While it looked a little sad, they actually tasted pretty good. The shellfish was not overcooked at all and certainly didn’t taste stale while the spicy sauce on the shell was kickass spicy. That kind of kickass spicy that was also savoury, flavourful and would be excellent accompaniment to steamed white rice.

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