Thursday, January 05, 2017

Uncle Chicken, Havelock Road

Uncle Chicken, chicken rice

If you recall the Uncle Chicken that I've written about previously, yes, this would be that same Uncle Chicken which has moved to the current premise (729 Havelock Road, tel : 1800 244 2536). The shop had shifted from Alexandra to Bedok and now an air conditioned place in Havelock. And wow, they even have a toll free line these days.

Uncle Chicken, chicken

Inevitable comparison mode on, this pretty respectable but definitely not the same standards of boiled chicken that Sin Kee does. The bird was tender, but it's not the same degree off slurp off the bone tender. It seems that there's even soya sauce chicken to be had. This must be a first for the family linked chicken rice business.

Uncle Chicken, chilli

To address the other two parts of the chicken rice trinity, Uncle Chicken's chilli packed some heat and lime just like how they did previously. But their rice seemed different. I recall that rice being quite similar to how Sin Kee does theirs but today, what we had was dry and the taste was quite bland lightweight. Which I guess might be a good thing since the chilli gets put to good use.

Prices sure have gone up though.

Uncle Chicken

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