Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Uncle Chicken, Alexandra Village Food Centre

This stall (#01-74, Alexandra Village Food Centre, 120 Bukit Merah Lane 1) riding on the name of Sin Kee is apparently run by the sibling of the current owner of the real deal down at Mei Ling Food Centre. I'm sure that both parties would share the similar claim of doing it the way their father has done, but there's definitely differences. Interestingly, Uncle Chicken fared quite well. 

The chicken was tender, but not slurp off the bone tender as Sin Kee. Both rice were really comparable, but I'm going to give Sin Kee a little more points with the savoury edge since the both were sufficiently greased, moderately and sufficiently flavoured without becoming excessively heavy. The one thing that Uncle Chicken did better in my opinion is the chilli sauce which packs more punch with the heat (just a little bit more) and lime. This is actually something I could use since I generally eat the rice naked at Sin Kee. The owners of these couple of stalls may be siblings from the same father that started the business, but the chicken rice from these two stalls are certainly separate beasts. And I really liked this enough that I wouldn't mind eating again when I'm in the vicinity.

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