Sunday, December 15, 2013

Al Borgo, Bukit Timah Road

I've been wanting to come over to Al Borgo (383 Bukit Timah Road, #01-02 Alocassia Apartments, tel : +65 9772 1680) for a long time because the old Borgo held a special spot in my heart and I really wanted to go back. Well, they closed and this opened up. This here was one of those procrastinations upon procrastinations for some reasons.

The food here was pretty competent without going into any comparisons. The pastas were firm with a good bite and there's very little to fault since it was all supposed to be relatively straightforward food. Portions were generous, food was adequately tasty but it didn't wow so much. But I hear that the chef is more of a man of the grill rather than pasta.

The pleasant surprise from the lunch was a special off the board of their thinly sliced roasted beef with truffle sheep cheese that was packed robust with the flavour of truffles. There was a pungent flavour in the semi hard crumbly cheese that worked with the truffles. I'd order them again if they ever ended up in the regular menu. 

If I had to complain, I could gripe over the minced wild boar from their pappardelle which was a little lean. The light cream sauce from the tagliatelle was much more rich tasting than it looked. I believe a lighter hand with the cream would have worked better with those shaven black truffles.

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